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Our private investigator will lookup an individual, company or other entity and search judiciary and court records in all types of matters including criminal, civil, family, taxation, land and environment etc. My Spy private investigators employ decades of experience and have access to the relevant Australian and New Zealand court registries and private databases.

We have transparently itemised all investigation services into products on our website so you know what correct and legal investigation methods and options are applicable to your case and what it costs. This system has enabled us to provide some of the most competitive prices whilst maintaining the highest quality service standards and enables you to efficiently manage the cost by selecting and ordering only what you need.

You can simply view, click and order our private investigation products and services relating to your objectives, straight from our website as the easiest and quickest way to view and order, so you do not need to call or meet a private investigator anymore. You may search for private investigation products and services by category, such as:

If you click on each investigation product and service, it provides an overview and instructions how to order. Also a private investigation may traditionally be a combination of different searches and services incorporated together, so even though we transparently individually itemise each investigation product, we still highly recommend you order a combination of different investigation products and services to meet your objectives and achieve greater results however, you may still order only one investigation product or service for the budget conscious. Bear in mind, you should not expect additional private investigation products and services and you should not provide additional information and or requests that fall outside our service parameters or that you have not ordered, as our low fees only incorporate the paid service.


Simply select from the investigation products below and combine different types of searches and services relevant to your case to meet your objectives!

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