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For Australia

Do you have concerns of another person’s current or previous marriage status? Lookup the names of individuals and if a matching record is found, receive a Proof of Divorce document.

Order now and receive the Proof of Divorce request form. Then complete the Proof of Divorce request form and provide as much detail as possible including either or both the Husband and Wife full names and if known maiden names, dates of birth, date of marriage, date of divorce and or file number. Then send your completed Proof of Divorce request form to the options provided in the form accompanied by an additional $30 (approximate) processing fee.

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Please follow the following order process:

1. Click ‘Buy’ and change the order quantity if required. (1 order = 1 product quantity)

2. Complete your order details. You do not need to create an account with a password if you do not wish and may simply untick this option.

Ensure to complete all fields marked with an ‘*’ and you may need to click on ‘Secure Checkout’ twice to update your details!

3. Complete your payment details.

4. Click ‘Return to Merchant’ to complete your order and then ‘Print Invoice’ if required.

5. You will then receive an email to your nominated email address with a download link. Press the link and download the Proof of Divorce request form and then complete the form as specified.

6. Your order is completed.

(Note it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct email address, ensure they receive their emails and check their spam folders. Customers using some email servers such as Hotmail and Gmail may have some emails delivered to spam / junk folders and in such cases it is the customer’s responsibility to either change their email settings, contact their email service provider to cease such unwarranted actions, provide a different email address suitable for receiving business correspondence and or contact My Spy to request email delivery from a different email server)

The customer is expected to read all product descriptions, terms and conditions prior to order and provide all case details and information as per the product descriptions or we may reallocate product order quotas to our consultation service and or the customer may be required to order extra Investigation Phone-Email Consultation to cover any extra work outside the product order service parameters.