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Private Investigator Inquires and Research

(1 product quantity = 1-hour investigation service. Read and follow Order Instructions below)

Office Investigation for Australia and New Zealand

Seek professional office based Private Investigator research and inquiries to commence your investigation when conventional methods such as physical surveillance and database searches are not an option. When you seek information unique to your case and personal circumstances and the information is not openly accessible, you require some ‘digging around’. My Spy will explore, determine and extract information from the most relevant and appropriate sources available that depend on the nature of your request and investigation. Investigations may comprise of open source social media and internet research and or telephone inquiries depending on what leads and information you provide. As a qualified and professional private investigator, My Spy can investigate and make inquiries in all types of matters however, customers also should not incorrectly assume that private investigators in Australia have extraordinary legal powers above the general public and abilities to access to someone’s bank account, phone company, motor vehicle registration details, unauthorized police criminal history checks, other government departments, educational institutions, social media and internet accounts and private detectives in Australia cannot facilitate illegal phone and computer hacking.

Private Investigations Specialist

Private Investigator Sydney with 2-Decades Experience  Accomplished Private Investigator Australia  Private Investigator Reputable Clients

My Spy have transparent and proven private investigation qualifications and credentials including more than two decades of industry experience, over a decade of insurance investigations and surveillance work accreditation, four investigation certificates, a certificate in security guarding and operate with a Master Licence for Investigation and Surveillance of Persons. Do not assume all other private investigators advertising on the internet are qualified at the same level as My Spy especially so called ‘Spouse Investigators’ with many only minimally licensed and you should consider all credentials and qualifications when engaging a private investigation agency.

My Spy employs correct investigations training, procedures and techniques to all types of cases including the following:

- Your Information Security

- Theft and Crime Investigations

- Property Abuse and Protection

- Family and Child Custody Investigations

- Cheating Partner and Spouse Investigations

- Business and Insurance Investigations

- Background Check and Asset Investigations



Please follow the following order process:

You may opt for an Investigation Phone Consultation first to help identify your requirements.

1. Click ‘Buy’ and change the order quantity as required. This product has a minimum purchase of 2-hours! (1 product quantity = 1-hour investigation service)

We recommend the following investigation time allocation:

  • 2 - 3 hours for a quick lookup only.
  • 4 hours minimum for a standard investigation assessment.
  • 8+ hours for more detailed investigations depending on the circumstances.

2. Complete your order details. You do not need to create an account with a password if you do not wish and may simply untick this option. In the ‘Delivery Notes or Additional Comments’ field insert your topic’s name.

Ensure to complete all fields marked with an ‘*’ and you may need to click on ‘Secure Checkout’ twice to update your details!

3. Complete your payment details.

4. Click ‘Return to Merchant’ to complete order and then ‘Print Invoice’ if required.

5. You will receive an email to your nominated email address with a download link. Press the link and download the Client Info Form as a Word Document on your computer.

6. If required ‘Enable Editing’ and then complete the form and provide as much background information as possible.

7. Save the completed form as a Word Document and then email back to My Spy at the email address specified in the form.

8. Once your order is confirmed and your information is received, allow approximately two business days for the processing of your products and services.

9. Once your product is completed, your results will be emailed to your nominated email address.


(Note it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct email address, ensure they receive their emails and check their spam folders. Customers using some email servers such as Yahoo and Gmail may have some emails delivered to spam / junk folders and in such cases it is the customer’s responsibility to either change their email settings, contact their email service provider to cease such unwarranted actions, provide a different email address suitable for receiving business correspondence and or contact My Spy to request email delivery from a different email server)


* Note it is NOT guaranteed all persons, organisations, details and or current details are found during the search. Our initial fee for the service you order incorporates investigation work, time and expenses expended upon taking your order and our fee is reflective of an initial investigation search to determine whether any and or how much information/records are available and provide the initial quota. Our fees are charged for the investigation work, time and expenses to perform the investigation and results and records are not guaranteed. The results and information provided also serve as a guide only and the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. The customer is expected to read all product descriptions, terms and conditions prior to order and provide all case details and information as per the product descriptions or we may reallocate product order quotas to our consultation/management services and or the customer may be required to order extra Investigation Phone-Email Consultation to cover any extra work outside the product order service parameters. We reserve the right to make all operational decisions and complete investigation services as necessary and appropriate. We bear no responsibility for any incorrect service notions made by the customer, Terms and Conditions apply.