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My Spy private investigators comprehensively provide all the legal and correct private investigator methods, products and services and over recent years, have cleaned up and reinvented the private detective industry by advising customers there should be transparency and you should be informed of exactly what services you are paying for no matter which private investigation agency you contact. Gone are the days of when you just hand over a bundle of cash without knowing what you are getting and paying for with little to no results.

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There is no such thing as locating someone without first establishing the leads you have and the direction of your investigation services such as a name, phone number, property / lessee, business and bankruptcy registers lookup and or surveillance and inquiries and more. Customers also should not incorrectly assume that private investigators across Australia have special legal powers above the general public and uninhibited access to someone’s bank account, phone company, motor vehicle registration details, unauthorized police criminal history checks, other government departments, educational institutions and private detectives in Australia are not illegal phone and computer hackers.

My Spy employs decades of private investigation experience and expertise to simplify the locate person service and allows the customer to efficiently purchase and only pay for the components you need. We have transparently itemised all investigation services into products on our website so you know what correct and legal investigation methods and options are applicable to your case and what it costs. This system has enabled us to provide some of the most competitive prices whilst maintaining the highest quality service standards and enables you to efficiently manage the cost by selecting and ordering only what you need.

As outlined, an investigation to locate people and or information is simply undertaking and paying for various correct and legal investigation products/tasks/searches in an attempt to look for the information you seek and results are not guaranteed and there is no such thing as free work. Once our Locate People searches are complete, we simply email you the results as per the product descriptions and service quotas. The only way to then confirm the person is actually present at the address found in the search, is for you to engage/pay for further steps/services such as surveillance to watch the house and see who is present at the address etc.

You can simply view, click and order our private investigation products and services relating to your objectives, straight from our website as the easiest and quickest way to view and order, so you do not need to call or meet a private investigator anymore. If you click on each investigation product and service, it provides an overview and instructions how to order.

* The customer is normally required to click on, read and accept all product descriptions, terms and conditions prior to order from our self-service website/online shop and provide all case details and information as per the efficiently priced product descriptions and order instructions and/or we may charge further service quotas/handling fees for extraordinary consultation requirements. We bear no responsibility for any incorrect service notions made by the customer and we cannot provide any cancellations and/or refunds once your order is processed and or we provide any services/handling. We may also reallocate product order quotas for our consultation time/services where the customer requires extraordinary consultation time/services with an order. Also a private investigation may traditionally be a combination of different searches and services incorporated together, so even though we transparently individually itemise each investigation product, we still highly recommend you order a combination of different investigation products and services to meet your overall objectives and achieve greater results however, you may still order only one investigation product or service for the budget conscious. Bear in mind, you should not expect additional private investigation products, services, quotas and you should not provide additional information and or requests that fall outside our service parameters or that you have not ordered, as our low fees only incorporate the paid service.


Simply select from the investigation products below and combine different types of searches and services relevant to your case to meet your objectives!

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