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Product Code: AFSABRS

Private Investigator Insolvency Index

(1 product quantity = 1 search of 1 entity. Read and follow Order Instructions below)

For Australia

Provide a Person’s Name and Date of Birth (if known) and our private investigator will lookup the name of an individual together with, if know, a date of birth and or Insolvency Index reference number. For your search fee, you receive a search of the national personal insolvency index and either one of the following:

- A result report (a list of people who match your search criteria, if any) or

- An extract (details of a person’s insolvency) that may include the following details;

  • Administration Type (e.g. Bankruptcy Debtors Petition or Debt Agreement).
  • Administration Reference Numbers.
  • Administration Date(s).
  • Debtor’s Details (including Name, Date-of-birth, Also Known as Name, Address, Occupation, Affairs Filed Date).
  • Discharge Details (reason and date).
  • Trustee Details (including Name, Address, Phone).
  • Agreement Details (reason and date).
  • Administrator Details (including Name, Address, Phone).
  • Summary Details.

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Private Detective Desk Specialists

The information is sourced by the relevant government and public registries and My Spy private investigators employ decades of expertise to simply the private investigation processes and provide the most direct and efficient options, services and access to data and information across Australia and New Zealand.



Please follow the following order process:

1. Click ‘Buy’ and change the order quantity if required. (1 name entity = 1 product quantity)

2. Complete your order details. You do not need to create an account with a password if you do not wish and may simply untick this option.

Ensure to complete all fields marked with an ‘*’ and you may need to click on ‘Secure Checkout’ twice to update your details!

3. In the ‘Delivery Notes or Additional Comments’ field, insert your Subject’s details (full names and date-of-birth or reference numbers if known) and any additional information. (Ensure you provide the full and correct names and numbers as results will be based on the information you have provided)

4. Complete your payment details.

5. Click ‘Return to Merchant’ to complete order and then ‘Print Invoice’ if required.

6. Once your order is confirmed and your information is received, allow approximately two business days for the processing of your products and services.

7. Once your product is completed, your results will be emailed to your nominated email address.

(Note it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct email address, ensure they receive their emails and check their spam folders. Customers using some email servers such as Yahoo and Gmail may have some emails delivered to spam / junk folders and in such cases it is the customer’s responsibility to either change their email settings, contact their email service provider to cease such unwarranted actions, provide a different email address suitable for receiving business correspondence and or contact My Spy to request email delivery from a different email server)


Results will be based on your search criteria and the broader the search, the more results may be returned with similar details. Initial results returned may be limited to a list of records available and or one (1) listing / extract per order quantity or no more than services equivalent to 1-hour of billable work time per order quantity. For common name lookups where there may be a list of people who match your search criteria with similar names, you will be provided the initial list / result report. You may then identify and single out entities from the list / result report and additional product orders are required to receive extracts for each entity. Where no exact matches have been found for the name(s) provided, we may also return you similar variations of the name(s), to provide the best information available.


* Note it is NOT guaranteed all persons, details and or current details are found during the search. Our initial fee for the service you order incorporates investigation work, time and expenses expended upon taking your order and our fee is reflective of an initial investigation search to determine whether any and or how many listings/records are available and provide the initial quota. Our fees are charged for the investigation work, time and expenses to perform the searches and results and listings are not guaranteed. The results and listing information provided also serve as a guide only and the accuracy of the listing information cannot be guaranteed. The customer is expected to read all product descriptions, terms and conditions prior to order and provide all case details and information as per the product descriptions or we may reallocate product order quotas to our consultation/management services and or the customer may be required to order extra Investigation Phone-Email Consultation to cover any extra work outside the product order service parameters. We bear no responsibility for any incorrect service notions made by the customer, Terms and Conditions apply.