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My Spy have transparent and proven qualifications and credentials in private investigator and surveillance services including more than two decades of investigations and surveillance experience, over a decade of insurance investigations and surveillance work accreditation, four investigative certificates including government, surveillance and factual, a certificate in security guarding and operate with a Master Licence for Investigation and Surveillance of Persons. You should also not assume all other vague private investigators advertising on the internet are qualified at the same level and or provide the same standard of work as My Spy with many only minimally licensed amateurs especially so called ‘Spouse Investigators’ and you should value all qualifications, credentials and licenses when considering a private investigation agency or you could be misled and not receive the investigation services and results you incorrectly assumed.

Private Investigator Australia with 2-Decades Experience  Accomplished Private Investigator Australia  Reputable Private Investigator Services Australia

Private Detective Surveillance Specialist

My Spy employs correct investigations training, procedures and techniques to all types of cases including the following:

  • Family and Child Custody Investigations
  • Cheating Partner and Spouse Investigations
  • Business and Insurance Investigations
  • Background Check and Asset Investigations

Surveillance Specialists including Travel, Reporting and Video Footage

Seek professional Private Investigator office based research and inquiries and or surveillance specialists at various locations. My Spy’s operative is highly trained and qualified and will physically attend and discretely commence surveillance at the address / location you nominate and lawfully observe, report and appropriately video the activities of interest detected during the surveillance timespan. My Spy are specialists in this area of investigation and conduct surveillance with the correct protocol and submit the evidence to you in the form of a court-of-law quality written activity report containing video images accompanied by the full video footage on DVD disk. Surveillance is still one of the most effective and applicable legal methods of investigation. It is an industry standard for surveillance to be charged per operative and per amount of hours / time spent on the job. Usually there are also additional charges in travel time, kilometres, disbursements and office administration and reporting however with our surveillance products, My Spy have efficiently simplified the domestic investigation system and incorporated all costs into a single surveillance time hourly rate for selected locations in Australia.

If your investigation location requires the use of more than one (1) surveillance operative and or is outside our designated locations or you require further investigation information, then please seek an Investigation Phone-Email Consultation for further available options and advice.


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