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Private Investigator Surveillance Operative

(1 product quantity = 1-hour per callout. Read and follow Order Instructions below)

Campbelltown Callouts including Travel, Reporting and Video Footage

Seek a professional Private Investigator surveillance specialist. My Spy’s operative is highly trained and qualified and will physically attend and discretely commence surveillance at the address / location you nominate and lawfully observe, report and appropriately video the activities of interest detected during the surveillance timespan. My Spy are specialists in this area of investigation and conduct surveillance with the correct protocol and submit the evidence to you in the form of a court-of-law quality written activity report containing video images accompanied by the full video footage on DVD disk. Surveillance is still one of the most effective and applicable legal methods of investigation. It is an industry standard for surveillance to be charged per operative and per amount of hours / time spent on the job. Usually there are also additional charges in travel time, kilometres, disbursements, office administration and reporting however, with our investigation surveillance product, My Spy have simplified the domestic investigation system and incorporated all standard costs into a single surveillance hourly rate for acceptable locations in the Sydney metropolitan area or within 20 Kilometres from the Campbelltown CBD, New South Wales. An extra Miscellaneous Service Fee may apply for locations, distances, expenses and additional tasks outside our standard service parameters, and or for short notice and callouts ahead of standard availability, to be determined at the discretion of My Spy.

Private Detective Surveillance Specialist

Private Investigator Sydney with 2-Decades Experience  Accomplished Private Investigator Australia  Sydney Private Investigator Reputable Clients

My Spy have transparent and proven qualifications and credentials as a surveillance private investigators including more than two decades of surveillance experience, over a decade of insurance surveillance work accreditation, four investigative certificates including government, surveillance and factual, a certificate in security guarding and a Master Licence issued by the NSW Police Force under the applicable legislation for qualified investigation and surveillance of persons. You should also not assume all other vague private investigators advertising on the internet are qualified at the same level and or provide the same high standard of work as My Spy especially so called ‘Spouse Investigators’ with many only minimally licensed amateurs and you should consider all credentials and qualifications when engaging a private investigation agency or you could be misled and not receive the investigation services and results you incorrectly assumed.

My Spy employs correct investigations training, procedures and techniques to all types of cases including the following:

  • Family and Child Custody Investigations
  • Cheating Partner and Spouse Investigations
  • Business and Insurance Investigations
  • Background Check and Asset Investigations

If your investigation requires other disbursements, the use of more than one (1) surveillance operative and or is outside the standard Sydney service area, then please seek an Investigation Phone-Email Consultation for further available options and you may require to add-on the Miscellaneous Service Fee.


To order, you just select and purchase how many surveillance hours are required per callout (to assist work out the start and finish times and calculate the hours) on the investigation and the cost per hour decreases the more hours you purchase as depicted in the table of costs below. Surveillance standards usually require a minimum 4-hours each callout unless in exceptional circumstances we approve a lesser amount prior to order. With all investigation surveillance packages, surveillance will commence in the vicinity of the address nominated by the Client and at a time in consideration of the time nominated by the Client and determined by My Spy. As per standard and correct procedure, the commencement of the surveillance is typically required at least one (1) hour prior to any forecast activity. Upon undertaking the investigation surveillance, My Spy will employ correct surveillance practises and assess the location and requirements and adopt an appropriate surveillance position whilst considering the Client’s investigation objectives. My Spy will employ correct surveillance practises and observe, report and obtain video evidence when and where relevant, appropriate, possible and permitted. It is the Client’s responsibility to propose surveillance at a time that allows sufficient time for the surveillance operative to assess, setup an appropriate surveillance position and to limit the chance of missing any crucial activities and also to ensure they purchase enough surveillance time to maintain surveillance of any important continuing activities. The surveillance package time will be charged at a minimum of one hour (60 minute) increments and consists of one (1) callout for up to the duration and or amount of time allotted in your purchase order(s) only and includes the use of one (1) surveillance operative only, one (1) surveillance vehicle only, travel to the general area specified in the package only, one (1) written surveillance activity report per package (PDF File) sent by email, and depending on the video size/length and availability and or upon the Client’s confirmation within seven (7) days of notification; one (1) DVD video disk per package sent by post within Australia. Requests for video files to be delivered on other formats such as USB drives and SD cards will require advance payment of an additional Miscellaneous Service Fee to be determined and calculated at the time and nature of the request. Allowances have been factored in to the surveillance packages for minor disbursements such as public transport costs, motorway tolls, minor car park fees and minor premises entry fees up to the value of $20.00 (Australian Dollars) in total, thereafter surveillance will continue in such a manner where further disbursements are not required, unless the Client purchases extra add-on(s) for the additional disbursements. In consideration of the surveillance starting address nominated by the Client, My Spy will employ correct surveillance practices and determine the appropriate mode of travel whether it be by motor vehicle, public transport and or on foot, for each surveillance operative per callout, depending on the starting address and investigation background information supplied by the Client in advance. If the Client requires, they should also forecast and or allot any additional requirements, disbursement costs, geographic locations outside the designated package area and or the use of more than one (1) surveillance operative regarding the investigation surveillance and make prior arrangements to cover any additional requests/requirements where and if possible and or seek a consultation with My Spy. All investigation surveillance package orders are required to be completed in full as ordered and usually cannot be split, cancelled and or refunded as our cost of acceptance also incorporates our expenses including work, time, travel, disbursements, reporting, administration, management and consultation. In exceptional circumstances at our discretion, we may make changes and amendments as necessary to complete the order(s). We will use the best appropriate correct and legal investigation surveillance practices, protocols and experience to observe and capture activities relating to the Client’s objectives however, results and outcomes are not guaranteed, are subject to conditions at the time of the service, will be influenced by the accuracy of the information provided by the Client, will be provided within standard, appropriate and legal industry procedure and cannot affect the completion and or final payment of the product order. We are required to complete the investigation surveillance order callout time/quotas even if the subject is not observed, located and or is lost during a follow etc., unless in exceptional appropriate circumstances approved at our discretion to return at a later time, we continue the investigation surveillance utilising the appropriate protocols based on the known information and addresses supplied by the Client until the investigation surveillance order callout time/quotas are completed and concluded. There is no such thing as constant video recording and video footage and or observations are generally only intermittently made when it is possible to observe the related activity of interest. We also do not incorrectly and illegally place surveillance devices on private property and generally video cameras etc. are physically only held with the private investigator surveillance operative from a public place.



Please follow the following order process:

Surveillance rates per hour inclusive of travel and administration are shown in the table below.

We may be required to approve your order and the amount of hours allotted to your case prior to commencement as most standard surveillance investigations require a minimum 4-hour call out. Bookings and services may require a minimum two (2) business days to be processed and received, are subject to availability and may require further sufficient notice and time in advance to arrange your investigation/services.

1. Click ‘Buy’ and change the order quantity as required. This product has a minimum purchase of 2-hours! (1 product quantity = 1-hour per callout. Lump sum orders may be placed for additions of minimum 8-hour callouts such as 8-hours x 3-days totalling 24-hours. For multiple callouts under 8-hours, multiple orders are required to be placed separately)

We recommend you limit prediction of activities and purchase enough surveillance time to cover the possibility of other unknown activity that we often expose.

2. Complete your order details. You do not need to create an account with a password if you do not wish and may simply untick this option. In the ‘Delivery Notes or Additional Comments’ field, insert your Subject’s name and the requested surveillance day and timespan if known.

Ensure to complete all fields marked with an ‘*’ and you may need to click on ‘Secure Checkout’ twice to update your details!

3. Complete your payment details.

4. Click ‘Return to Merchant’ to complete order and then ‘Print Invoice’ if required.

5. You will receive an email to your nominated email address with a download link. Press the link and download the Client Info Form as a Word Document on your computer.

6. If required ‘Enable Editing’ and then complete the form and provide as much background information as possible as instructed.

7. Save the completed form as a Word Document and then email back to My Spy at the email address specified in the form. Also attach separately in the email, any identification photos.

8. Once your order is confirmed and your information is received, allow approximately two business days for the processing of your products and services.

9. The surveillance will be booked for the next available preferred time(s) and day(s) of the week.

10. Once your investigation surveillance is completed and your report compiled, your report will be sent to your nominated email address and the DVD video will be posted to your postal address. As a general guide, after completion of the surveillance, allow a further minimum 2-3 business days for completion of the investigation surveillance report and video footage.


(Note it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct email address, ensure they receive their emails and check their spam folders. Customers using some email servers such as Yahoo and Gmail may have some emails delivered to spam / junk folders and in such cases it is the customer’s responsibility to either change their email settings, contact their email service provider to cease such unwarranted actions, provide a different email address suitable for receiving business correspondence and or contact My Spy to request email delivery from a different email server)


* Note our fees incorporate investigation processing, consultation, work, time, travel and expenses expended upon taking your order to perform the investigation within the order quotas and results are not guaranteed. The results and information provided also serve as a guide only and the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. The customer is expected to read all product descriptions, terms and conditions prior to order and provide all case details and information as per the product descriptions or we may reallocate product order quotas to our consultation/management services and or the customer may be required to order extra Investigation Phone-Email Consultation to cover any extra work outside the product order service parameters. We reserve the right to make all operational decisions and complete investigation services as necessary and appropriate. We bear no responsibility for any incorrect service notions made by the customer, Terms and Conditions apply.

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