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Provide a Person’s or Business/Organisation’s Name and if required, you may further nominate to narrow down the search to a particular state or territory.Our private investigator will lookup the name of an individual, business or other entity and if a matching record is found, may provide the following details which, may vary depending on the state, court and jurisdiction:

- Name of persons/entity before the court

- Court Location and Type

- Date of Court Appearance

- Listing Type

- Case Party Titles

- Case File Number

- Additional information about the matter may include:

  • Arrears of Rates
  • Breach of Contract/Agreement
  • Claim under Accident Compensation Act
  • Claim under Corporations Law
  • Claim under Workers' Compensation Act
  • Commonwealth Tax
  • Complaint under National Credit Code - Repossession
  • Damages and Negligence
  • Damages for Breach of Contract/Agreement
  • Debt
  • Dishonoured Cheque/Bill of Exchange/Promissory Note
  • Goods Sold and Delivered
  • Hire of Goods and Chattels
  • Instrument of Guarantee
  • Local Government Rates and Charges
  • Money Loan and Interest Due
  • Monies Due
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damage (Non-Vehicle)
  • Vehicle Property Damage
  • Return of Goods/Damages
  • Services Rendered
  • Work, Labour and Material Supplied

Detective Desk Specialists

My Spy private investigators employ decades of expertise and access to a privately maintained online database dedicated to collecting civil court records covering all states and territories in Australia. Jurisdictions covered may include the following:

Australian Federal Courts

  • Federal Bankruptcy applications from December 2016
  • Family Law matters from November 2017
  • General Federal Law matters from November 2017
  • Fair Work Commission matters from January 2018

Australian Capital Territory

  • ​ACT Supreme Court matters from January 2017
  • ACAT matters from September 2017
  • ACT Magistrate Court matters from July 2019

New South Wales

  • ​Local, District and Supreme Court civil matters from January 2017
  • NCAT matters from January 2017

Northern Territory

  • Magistrate and Supreme Court matters from October 2017
  • NTCAT matters from October 2017


  • ​Queensland QCAT matters from January 2017
  • District and Supreme Court matters from October 2017
  • Qld Industrial Relations Commission matters from August 2018

South Australia

  • ​ Local, District and Supreme Court civil matters from October 2017
  • SACAT matters from October 2017 onward
  • SAET (S.A. Employment Tribunal) matters from January 2019


  • ​Supreme Court civil matters from September 2017


  • ​County, Magistrate and Supreme Court civil matters from January 2017
  • VCAT matters from January 2017

Western Australia

  • ​Local, District and Supreme Court civil matters from October 2017
  • WA SAT (State Administrative Tribunal) matters from October 2017
  • WA Family Law matters from November 2018


If you need to expand your search and cover more time periods and or civil jurisdictions beyond the parameters of this particular product, also order our following products covering individual state and federal court searches:



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Results will be based on your search criteria and the broader the search, the more results may be returned with similar details. Initial results returned may be limited to a list of records available and or one (1) listing per order quantity. For common name searches where there may be a large number of results with similar particulars, results provided may be limited to an appropriate amount to be determined at the time of the investigation or no more than services equivalent to 1-hour of billable work time per order quantity. You will be advised if further results are available and another one (1) order quantity product purchase may be required per batch. In the order ‘Delivery Notes or Additional Comments’ field, simply insert your Subject’s details (full name and search details etc.) again and mention you request to receive the next available results after how many (?) you already received. Where no exact matches have been found for the name(s) provided, we may also return you similar variations of the name(s) and details, to provide the best information available.


* Note it is NOT guaranteed all persons, details and or current details are provided during the search. Our initial fee for the service you order incorporates investigation work, time and expenses expended upon taking your order and our fee is reflective of an initial investigation search to determine whether any and or how many listings/records are available and provide the initial quota. Our fees are charged for the investigation work, time and expenses to perform the searches and results and listings are not guaranteed. The results and listing information provided also serve as a guide only and the accuracy of the listing information cannot be guaranteed. The customer is expected to read all product descriptions, terms and conditions prior to order and provide all case details and information as per the product descriptions or we may reallocate product order quotas to our consultation/management services and or the customer may be required to order extra Investigation Phone-Email Consultation to cover any extra work outside the product order service parameters. We bear no responsibility for any incorrect service notions made by the customer, Terms and Conditions apply.