Bug Detector RF Camera Lens


Product Code: BUGLNSDET27

Private Investigator Hidden Camera Detector

Protect your interests with this new generation of laser infrared technology to scan for pinhole and hidden cameras, the light enters the lens and is refracted back to find the hidden camera. The body is made from quality metal (not plastic), the window of this product is larger and more ergonomic, more comfortable to use, simpler to operate, and the device also has inbuilt wireless radio (RF) signal and magnet bug detection and tamper alarm functions. My Spy private investigators employ decades of expertise and provide the tried and tested investigation products and services.


Overview and Features:

  • Material: Metal.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Frequency Range: 1MHZ-65000MHz.
  • Antenna GainL -56dB.
  • Signal detection distance: GSM: 50-300cm, 3G & 4G: 20-100cm, Wi-Fi: 10-100cm.
  • Sensitivity: 3 levels adjustable.
  • Operating hours: 33 consecutive hours (differentiated by function).
  • Charger: DC5V/1A.
  • Free standard shipping included within Australia and an excess may apply outside our standard service parameters.
  • Product warranty: 1 year for correct use device failure.
  • *Device parameters may vary depending on stock.


Private Detective Sourced Spy Devices

Private Investigator Hidden Camera Detector



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